Kushie was born in late 2014 in the heart of Los Angeles, CA. Kushie is a relaxed lifestyle brand that focuses on providing quality cannabis consumer goods. We are not just a brand but also a community with a mission – our ambition is to eliminate the social taboo of cannabis. We aim to be the premier cannabis brand providing premium products ranging from apparel to edibles & accessories.

Kushie Edibles came about in 2015 to provide a unique twist on the already existing Krispies on the market. We carefully handcraft each and every edible and offer a variety of flavors to keep things fresh and modern. We now offer a larger variety of products ranging from Krispies to Cookies available in both THC and CBD only.

Kushie Brand is a One for One Company. For every Kushie item purchased, we donate to help plant a tree. Help keep the earth green 🙂